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Kingfly specialises in crafting visually striking and instantly recognisable works of art using embroidery thread. Each piece is meticulously designed and created, leaving no compromise on quality or design detailing.


These collector’s pieces evoke a sense of care, love, and pride, deserving a prominent place in any collection.


David Morrish, the esteemed Wilcom Digital Embroiderer of the Year (2019 & 2021), collaborates with leading artists, designers, brands  and private clientele worldwide. His boundary-crossing work tackles a wide range of subjects, offering a fresh perspective on digital embroidered art.


With unwavering passion and attention to detail, each embroidery piece becomes imbued with meaning and significance to David. This dedication is what makes his work truly special.


Discover the Artistry of Kingfly

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Customisation, Collaborations, Fabrics & Embroidered Art

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