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Digitally Printed Embroidery

"Embroidery Luxe"

Experience the Elegance of Digital Printed Embroidery with 'Embroidery Luxe' by KINGFLY.

Ever dreamt of enriching your space with exclusive Kingfly embroidery designs?

Now, you can!


KINGFLY is thrilled to introduce our distinctive embroidery style, now available in digitally printed fabrics. These unique designs, ideal for both stylish clothing and chic home decor, lets you infuse your surroundings with the aesthetic appeal of Kingfly's original embroidery.

Every pattern is carefully crafted from an original Kingfly embroidery piece, which is then digitally enhanced to create striking designs that maintain the classic look of embroidery.

Imagine the delight of guests saying, 'I can't believe it's not embroidered!' Or, perhaps you've dreamt of revitalising your dining room chairs with a fresh, exciting design. If you've ever thought, 'I wish I saw these before I had my chair re-upholstered,' then our digital printed embroidery designs are just for you.

These designs have already caught the eye and won the praise of many visitors at the Knitting & Stitching Show 2022, Alexandra Palace, London.


Experience the 'Embroidery Luxe' effect in your fashion and interior design today, and see how KINGFLY's unique digital printed embroidery designs can transform your space."

Fabrics: Text
This vibrant and eye-catching footstool features a multitude of vibrant colors, adding a pop of personality to any space. The footstool is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort. It stands on a sturdy wooden floor, enhancing its natural appeal. Whether used as a decorative accent or for practical purposes, this colorful footstool is a versatile addition to any home or office decor.
This graffiti-inspired footstool showcases a vibrant and edgy design, reminiscent of street art. The stool features a bold and dynamic mix of colors, graffiti-style and abstract patterns. The graffiti elements bring a sense of urban flair and artistic expression to this unique piece of furniture. Add a touch of rebellious style to your living space with this eye-catching and contemporary footstool.
Introducing our vibrant tropical greenhouse-inspired covered footstool! This eye-catching piece features a colorful pattern reminiscent of lush tropical foliage, bringing a touch of paradise into your space. Crafted with high-quality materials, this footstool provides both comfort and style. Its unique design evokes the beauty of a greenhouse, creating a botanical oasis in your home. Whether you use it as a footrest, extra seating, or a decorative accent, this tropical footstool is sure to make a statement. Explore our collection today and bring the exotic charm of a tropical greenhouse to your living space.

Available in the following fabrics.
Upholstery: Domestic Fire Retardant , 100% Recycled Polyester Velvet,
1.40 meters wide, waterproof, 330gms, 45000 rub count.
Price £135 per meter + postage

Fabrics are printed in the UK with sustainability in mind.
Minimum Order 1 meter length - Delivery time 3-4 weeks

If you see a pattern you like but it is not in the colours you need or to the right  scale, please email us as we can accommodate basic changes until you are happy and ready to order.

Fabrics: Portfolio
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