David Morrish


My name is David and I work as a full time fashion academic at Sheffield Hallam University. I teach at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, winning two university inspirational awards for teaching and advising. I love inspiring and educating others, working across disciplines and collaborating where possible. I currently hold two External Examiner roles and I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. In 2020 I completed my Masters Degree (20 years after my BA) securing a distinction in Fashion & Textiles from Nottingham Trent University.

Digital embroidery is a passion of mine which has developed over the years, starting as a hobby  and becoming more and more a bigger part of my life. In 2019 & 2021 I won the title of Wilcom Digital Embroiderer of the Year (Global competition run by The Hand & Lock)  and currently I am sponsored and supported by Wilcom, Janome, GS UK Limited and ZSK.

I use Instagram (@kingfly_embroidery) to  show people the process and flexibility digital embroidery has to offer in an attempt to break preconceptions of it being only useful for badges, logos, flowers and birds. Collaborating with artists and designers from a range of disciplines and subject matters I have not only developed and refined my skill set, but also managed to push digital embroidery into new and exciting avenues and build new audiences.

I am always pushing what I do and trying to surprise and excite people by what I produce. 

Some pieces  I have produced for designers and brands I am unable to showcase due to confidentially agreements. 

I am open to ideas for collaborations, commissions and more..please use the contact form to reach me.

For more behind the scenes and in progress shots, please visit my Instagram page. (@Kingfly_embroidery)

Thank You and enjoy my work.


Kingfly in a Hat
Some pieces are a real challnege.
Kingfly in Action