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Kingfly has created pieces of embroidered art for a number of clients, covering a wide range of subject matter from...

tattoos & children's drawings to portraits and baby scans.

Everything is considered and we relish a good challenge and opportunities to try something new. 

Embroidered Art: Text
Embroidered portrait of Fern Cotton
Embroidered portrait of Daniel Lismore
Embroidered Self Portrait of David Morrish (aka Kingfly)
Embroidered portrait of Jodie Kidd
Embroidered Art: Text


From a provided image, these portraits vary in size and complexity.

From Left to Right:

  • Fern Cotton - TV & Radio Personality

  • Daniel Lismore - Living Sculpture

  • David Morrish - Self Portrait

  • Jodie Kidd - Model, TV Personality, Pub Owner

Embroidered Art: Text
Have your own portrait embroidered!
Prices start from £450+ See info for more information.
Schnauzer artwork
Embroidered Bulldog unframed art piece
Embroidered cat in the stained glass window
Embroidered Cockapoo
Embroidered Art: Text


A range of pet portraits are available in the shop, ready for you to add your pets name to!

Personalised pet portraits start from £250+

visit shop for more information.

Embroidered Art: Text
BESPOKE: Have your own pet portrait embroidered from your photograph!
Prices Start From £450+ 



Fancy having your art work embroidered by Kingfly? 

Working with you we can recreate your art work into embroidery for you to proudly display or give as a gift. We can embroider on a cotton canvas ready for you to frame or on a piece of clothing. We are open to ideas and keep and open mind.



Stage 1: You Create the art work.

Have fun and be creative!!!

Stage 2:

Email it to us and we can start discussions. Non refundable deposit is paid.

Stage 3:

We will digitise and create a virtual rendering to discuss with you.

Stage 4:

Once both parties are happy we will start embroidering and recreating your masterpiece!

Stage 5:

We post to you. You pay remaining balance.

Stage 6:

You own and show with pride.

As a guide - prices range from £100 to £5000 depending on size, complexity, time frame etc..

Contact us today for a quotation! 

(Discretion is important to us, so rest assured that nothing will be posted on our social media without your permission.) 

We don't want to spoil any surprises!

Embroidered Art: Text
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