Kinglfy has created pieces of wall art, with and for a range of clients, covering a wide scope of subject matter from...

Tattoos &  children's art work to portraits and baby scan images.

Nothing is not considered and we relish a good challenge and trying something new. 



From a provided image, these portraits vary in size and complexity.

From Left to Right:

  • Fern Cotton - TV & Radio Personality

  • Daniel Lismore - Living Sculpture

  • David Morrish - Self Portrait

  • Jodie Kidd - Model, TV Personality, Pub Owner

Have your own portrait embroidered!

Prices start from £450+

See info for more information.

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These iconic fashion illustrations were recreated with the artists permission,  to display on a wall.

From Left to Right

  • David Downton - Dior

  • Richard Kilroy

  • Laura Laine



Various embroidery projects..

Top Row (Left to Right)

  • JeremyVille - Illustrator - USA 2020

  • Will Broome- Ilustrator - UK 2020

  • Keverones - Graffiti Artist - USA - 2021

  • Will Broome- Ilustrator - UK 2021

Middle Row

  • Fancy Flutie - Make Up Artist - USA - 2021

  • Anne Zeilinski-Old - Illustrator/Designer UK - 2021

  • Private Client - Baby Scan - UK 2020

Bottom Row

  • Darryl Watson - Tattooist - UK - 2020

  • Sadie Williams - Fashion Designer - UK 2020

  • Childs Drawing - Seb - UK 2020

  • Private Client - Face Mask - 2020




Fancy having your art work embroidered by Kingfly? 

Working with you we can recreate your art work into embroidery for you to proudly display or give as a gift.



Stage 1:

The artwork is created by you or a friend, family member, pet etc... it can be a drawing, painting, scribble, collage, photograph or other medium.

Have fun and be creative!!!

Stage 2:

You email us a good quality photograph of your art and the details on what you are after (e.g. colours, fabric, size, budget etc). We will contact you to discuss your proposal and provide you with an idea of costs and expected production time. Once you are happy a 50% non refundable deposit is paid.

Stage 3:

We will recreate your work into digital embroidery and send you a virtual image on how it would look. We can discuss any changes you wish to make at this stage.

Stage 4:

Once both parties are happy we will start embroidering  and recreating your masterpiece!

Stage 5:

Once completed we will post your unique art piece to you. Final balance is paid on receipt.

Stage 6:

You proudly display your work or present it as gift to someone very special! and of course , please shout about it on social media as well! 

As a guide - prices tend to start from £150+

Contact us today for a quotation! 

(Discretion is important to us, so rest assured that nothing will be posted on social media without your permission.) 

We don't want to spoil any surprises!